Happy Camper Pet Care

Because when your fur-babies are happy... everybody's happy!

We're cool being "staff"

We love cats!  For all their distinctive personalities - and expectations of how they feel a visit should go... we love cats!  

And, while some don't require a good amount of "outdoor time," they, certainly, do relish in someone being there to provide for their needs: whether they prefer to be left alone or highly entertained and loved.  We are here.   

For their very distinctive needs, we provide personalized kitty care in increments of 30, 45 and 60 minutes.  

Please note, our approach to kitty care is one of respect for space.  

This is why we like for them to approach us after we gently introduce ourselves.  That way we know we're "in."

The following is a breakdown of our pet sitting services and what is included.

We gladly offer the following:

Varied visit lengths for up to 2 kitties:

($5 each additional kitty)

30 minute visit: $23

45 minute visit: $33

60 minute visit: $43

We will always provide:

* The time to understand your kitty's very special needs

* Your loved one's prescribed food/treats

* More than enough hydration 

* Litter box maintenance

* Playful interaction


And, each visit includes:

* garbage/recycling bin rotation

* mail/package retrieval

* blinds/lights rotation

* small plant care

It's the little things that matter - and we're happy to help

"You cannot look at a sleeping cat.. and feel tense."

~Jane Pauley

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What some of our happy humans saying...

We were gone for several weeks, and Kim made the long time away from our animals as stress-free as possible.

Kim provided expert care, including for our senior cat who requires a daily medication. We could not be more thankful to have found someone so caring and competent to take care of our crew while away!

Molly H. - Carrboro, NC