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Please take a few minutes to read our contract and contact us with any questions you may have.


Neglecting the following shall result in additional financial responsibility and/or termination of pet-sitting services and care.

Terms of Service

(applicable for all present and future jobs unless otherwise stated)

Happy Camper Pet Care will always strive to make the pet-sitting experience a most pleasant, safe and secure one as entrusting the care of your loved one(s) to us is something we take quite seriously. With that in mind, we have the following Terms of Service in place to provide the highest level of care for those you cherish.

1. Cancellations:

Happy Camper Pet Care fully understands the need for schedule changes. However, it can be challenging to book other pet-care jobs with little or no notice. Therefore, Happy Camper Pet Care has the following cancellation policy:

a. 5–3 days notice prior to the start of service = 25% of the full contracted amount.

b. 72-24 hours notice prior to the start of service = 75% of the full contracted amount..

c. 24-0 hours notice prior to the start of service = 100% of the full contracted amount.


2. Conclusion of your job: (applicable to all other than weekly/monthly clients)

Happy Camper Pet Care asks that you please notify us when you arrive home. This way, we know that you are with your loved one(s) and that your current job is completed and that our services are no longer required. We will, gladly, continue to provide care should you need us, but will require notification from you in order to do so.

3. Hours of Service:

Happy Camper Pet Care’s operating hours are from 7 am to 7 pm. Our goal is to accommodate yours and your fur-children’s needs as much as possible so if there are extenuating circumstances, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help you.

4. Payment:

Payment for services must be paid upon commencement of the job and, for new clients, one week prior. Payment for initial pet-sitting service is required via credit card. All subsequent jobs can be paid in cash or check or we can simply invoice you. Please note, Happy Camper Pet Care does not receive your credit card information. This is stored and used strictly by our payment platform, Stripe.com.

5. Keys:

Please have 2 keys for Happy Camper Pet Care. If, ever, there is an issue with one, having a backup is imperative: whether in a home “hideaway” spot, with a neighbor or providing both to our organization, providing timely care for your loved one(s) is our top priority so access to your home is crucial. As with many of our clients, you are welcome to have us retain your keys on file for future visits. Regarding other entry modes (such as FOBS and home codes), please make sure to test them to ensure that they are working properly prior to our visits.

6. Extra charges:

Please ensure that all pet care supplies are available for the duration of your job. When trips to the store/vet/other are necessary, it impacts our ability to be where we are scheduled for the care of our other clients. Please note, also Included are additional trips for keys (aside from scheduled meeting times). With this in mind, Happy Camper Pet Care will charge for this service through our payment platform at $20 per incidence as well as the cost of the item(s).


To provide the best possible care for your loved one(s), we ask that you have a “back-up” provider should it be impossible for us to provide service for you. These situations are rare but with extreme weather, extreme illness and other unforeseen incidents, it is comforting to know there is another with access to your loved one(s).

8. Entry for other service providers and working in the home:

Happy Camper Pet Care shall not permit entry to contractors/service workers/visitors/etc. For our safety and your home’s (and loved one’s) security, we will schedule visits only when others will not be in the home or when notification has been given to and an agreement has been expressly communicated by Kim Saffran prior to our scheduled visit. If any employee of ours deems the environment unsettling or threatening, they will have the discretion to depart the home and a 0-24 hour cancellation fee shall be charged to the client as well as a possible termination of services.

9. Others in the home:

We understand that friends and relatives may be visiting and/or living in your home. When this is anticipated or occurs unexpectedly (brief or extended), please notify and receive an agreement by Kim Saffran prior to our scheduled visit. If any employee of ours deems the environment unsettling or threatening, or does not have the opportunity to complete the agreed upon service for that visit, they will have the discretion to depart the home and a 0-24 hour cancellation fee shall be charged to the client as well as a possible termination of services.

10. Flea/Tick/Insect Treatments:

All animals under the care of Happy Camper Pet Care must be regularly treated for fleas and ticks, etc.  By ensuring this, you are helping to protect not only your animal, but the employees of Happy Camper Pet Care, the other clients they serve as well as their homes.  

11. Aggressive animals:

We fully understand that sometimes animals will become protective, express fear and let those at our organization know that they are not wanted in the home. In these situations, we will attempt to provide care in the most quiet and respectful manner possible. However, an animal’s fear may manifest in threatening behaviors such as biting and lunging to attack and inflict injury. In these scenarios, we reserve the right to depart the premises, communicate our intentions and charge the agreed upon rate.

12. Indoor/Outdoor cats:

We understand your feline(s)’ desire to go out to play and delight in nature, however, inasmuch as we will do what you ask of us regarding their indoor care, we, unfortunately, cannot be responsible for possible injuries (both benign and serious) that they may experience due to their time outdoors.

13. Meet and Greets:

We, gladly, offer a complimentary initial meeting to discuss care for your loved one(s). Please note, however, that these meetings are offered only up to 45 minutes and do not denote acceptance of any future jobs.

14. Social Media:

Happy Camper Pet Care utilizes limited social media and posts pictures of our valued fur-clients. Please inform us if you prefer to opt out by filling out the “Exclusions and special considerations” section below. Please note, no names, addresses or of our clients or their humans are ever used. Simply a first initial.

Exclusions and special considerations:

1. ________________________________________________________________________________________

Client signature ______________________________________ Kim Saffran __________

2. ________________________________________________________________________________________

Client signature ______________________________________ Kim Saffran __________

I agree to the Terms of Service

Client Name: (print) _________________________________________________________________

Client Name: (sign) __________________________________________________________________ Date: _________________

Thank you.

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